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Cloud Services

Empower your business with evergreen cloud solutions and hybrid cloud & on premise solutions

Cloud computing and cloud solutions are a leading trend within the IT industry and regardless of company size, the cloud can deliver measurable benefits from rapid deployments and scalability to the ability to manage cash flow with reduced capital expenditure on IT hardware. With always on, always up to date (“evergreen”) computing infrastructure, SMT Technologies can help you focus on delivering the IT systems and services you need.


Am I ready for the cloud?cloud-jigsaw-300x199

The cloud offers a wealth of opportunities, however, no two businesses are the same and as such your perfect cloud solution is something that should be tailored to you. SMT Technologies will work with you to review your current systems and business plans to tailor a cloud solution to your specific needs. This can range from an entirely cloud based solution to, more commonly for most, a tailored solution allowing your business to merge your current onsite IT with cloud services to deliver a solution to drive your business. SMT Technologies are here to help and provide guidance throughout your cloud journey.


Managed Cloud

SMT Technologies bring our same traditional IT infrastructure principals of monitoring, security and maintenance to our cloud solutions to keep your systems and business running smoothly, pro-actively. We aim to identify and correct issues both onsite and in the cloud before your business is impacted.


Is it safe? Cloud Security

Any cloud solution that your business adopts should be secure and compliant. Through careful planning with our clients we ensure we deliver the cloud services you need whilst maintaining security through compliance checks, identity management, access control, encryption and anti-virus/anti-malware.


What cloud solutions can we provide?

All of our cloud services are tailored to meet the requirements of our users however we can categorise our services into broad groups, these are:

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providing servers to power your IT infrastructure and system needs through the cloud or a hybrid cloud & onsite solution.
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS) providing a range of desktop solutions delivering a cloud based desktop to your staff in the office and outside the office through a broadband connection and almost any device, be it a tablet, laptop or pc or thin client.
  • Managed backup and resilience solutions.
  • Managed Microsoft Office 365 service offerings and implementations.

Broadband, the foundation to your cloud services

With any cloud solution, your business broadband connectivity needs to match your cloud data usage requirements. SMT Technologies will work with you to identify and implement any required broadband connectivity upgrades you may require to be able to access your cloud services smoothly and efficiently. From traditional broadband, fibre, satellite, 4G and leased line solutions SMT Technologies are able to offer you a complete managed package to get the most from your connectivity and cloud systems.


Need some help?

If you’re ready to move to the cloud or just wondering how the cloud can benefit why not contact us to for assistance.


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